Your business reputation
is your most important asset.


Is managing your customer reviews on TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook driving you up the wall?

You are not alone!  Nearly all hospitality business owners that I speak with say that customer reviews are one of the things that keeps them up at night.

Why?  More and more, consumers depend on online reviews before they make a purchase or visit a venue.

Managing your online reviews is not only important, but essential.


Many venues don’t respond to reviews but it is so important that you respond to both positive and negative reviews. We take the headache away for you and manage your review responding for you.  The goal is to improve your brand, connect with your customers, and generate more sales.  The rewards are so worth the effort.

If your reviews aren’t responded to in a quick time frame, you are missing out on both the opportunity to thank supportive customers but also to address and reconcile customers that may have had a bad experience. This gives you the chance to convert a bad experience to a good experience.

As a representative of your business, we receive real-time notifications from each platform each time someone leaves a new review.

We read the reviews and gauging the sentiment surrounding your business. With your authority, we speak on behalf of your company and resolve issues.  We discuss with you when to escalate problems to higher management and follow this process.

Responding to negative reviews is also a great way to get your side of the story across. Often times there was some sort of misunderstanding that can be sorted out with some open communication and where appropriate, an apology.

As essential as it is to respond to negative reviews, it’s also equally important to thank and respond to positive reviews. Showing the customer that you appreciate their business goes a long way.  We thank your customers for their reviews while adding in some key words that will help you rank higher with search engine optimisation at the same time.

With decades of experience in the hospitality industry, we know that reviews keep you up at night and during service, it is something that you simply don’t have time for.

That is why our reputation management service has proved to be invaluable for our customers.


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